LetterWest Conference Workshops

Pre-conference workshops are not included in the regular conference registration. 


Workshop Ticket Requirements
You must be registered for the conference to be able to attend a workshop. If you’ve purchased a workshop without a conference ticket, LetterWest will give you a chance to buy a conference ticket, and if you decline, your ticket does not qualify and will be canceled.

4-hour, half-day workshops: $144  | 
8-hour, full-day workshops: $288
Workshop Overview

Morning Workshops

  • Seb Lester – Italic Calligraphy Workshop
  • Jessica Hische – Script Lettering Composition Workshop
  • Lisa Congdon – Ideation & Mind Mapping Workshop
  • Ximena Jiménez – Spray Paint Lettering Workshop
  • Mark Caneso – Juicy Contours: Drawing Big Bold Scripts Workshop

Afternoon Workshops

  • Seb Lester – Curvilinear Flourishing for Italic Calligraphy Workshop
  • Dina Rodriguez – Level Up Your Lettering For Instagram Workshop
  • Isabel Urbina Peña – Lettering for Editorial Workshop
  • Kyle Letendre – Digitizing Dynamic Letters Workshop

Full-Day Workshops

  • Copenhagen Signs (Jakob Engberg) – The Basic Fundamentals of Hand Lettering and Sign Painting Workshop
Workshop Descriptions
Full-Day Workshops - (8 hours: 9:00 AM–1:00 PM & 2:00–6:00 PM)

Beverages will be provided. Lunch will be provided at 1 PM during an hour-long break. Supplies will be provided aside from a laptop or iPad, if necessary.

  • COPENHAGEN SIGNS (JAKOB ENGBERG) – The Basic Fundamentals of Hand Lettering and Sign Painting (Beginners and All Levels)
    Limited to 20 people
    In this one-day workshop you will get an introduction to basic hand lettering, brush lettering and sign painting. You will learn how to create letters from scratch, how to write with a brush and to design a layout.
    The workshop will start with a presentation on sign painting and hand lettering, and the tools we will be working with. 
With a pencil and a ruler, we start with sans serif lettering and the option of adding various effects, such as shading, serifs and curves to the letterforms.
    You will receive an introduction to the brush and the mahl stick, and we will start practicing the basic strokes. These basic strokes are fundamental in order to paint your lettering, and will give you an understanding of how the brush and the paint works.
Later we start painting casual and script lettering. This will give you an insight of how the brush shapes the letters in a single stroke. You can then combine the different styles to create a good composition.
    After practicing lettering with both the pencil and the brush, you can create a layout to paint or focus on making a full alphabet of your choice.
I will demonstrate how to use the pouncing technique to transfer your design onto other surfaces.
    We will talk about the different tools for sign painting, gold leaf, brush maintenance and enamel paint. I will recommend literature on lettering and sign painting and help you find inspiration of your interest. Also you will get a few secret tips and tricks of the trade!
    The workshop is suitable for both beginners and for those who want to improve their skills. All the tools and materials are included, but wear clothes for painting!
Morning Workshops - (4 hours: 9:00 AM–1:00 PM)

Beverages will be provided. Lunch will be provided at 1 PM. Supplies will be provide aside from laptop or iPad, if necessary.

  • SEB LESTER – Italic Calligraphy Workshop (Beginner)
    Limited to 15 people
    The workshop is a beginners introduction to Italic calligraphy. No previous experience with calligraphy is necessary. The workshop will focus on understanding the basic principles of calligraphy with a broad edged pen. The workshop will begin with a demonstration of various calligraphy tools and styles, including italic. The goal of the workshop will be to produce a name or quote in italic calligraphy.
  • JESSICA HISCHE – Script Lettering Composition Workshop (Intermediate+)
    Limited to 20 people
    Workshop description coming soon.
  • LISA CONGDON – Ideation & Mind Mapping Workshop (All Levels)
    Limited to 20 people
    Are you ever stumped by the process of coming up with the very best, most creative
    ideas for client work or personal projects? Do you ever feel like there are ideas out there that you are not thinking of? In this workshop, Lisa will share her tried and true techniques for brainstorming and mind-mapping concepts to get to the best, most innovative concepts for your design, illustration and lettering work. Every participant will have the opportunity to practice brainstorming and mind-mapping techniques around a shared theme, along with practice making sketches for the most innovative, out-of-the-box ideas that emerge from the process.
  • XIMENA JIMÉNEZ – Spray Paint Lettering Workshop (All Levels)
    Limited to 20 people
    Learn the basics about spray paint and how to get the most out of this amazing technique to create big lettering murals. Through different demonstrations, exercises, and practice on a wall, you will understand how to make clean lines, cuts, gradients, and smooth fillings faster than with any brush. You will learn about tools, resources, and the different ways to transfer your design from paper to the wall, using both technology and the analog way. Finally we will create a collaborative mural with spray paint, and you will leave this workshop having lost any fear of going bigger.
  • MARK CANESO – Juicy Contours: Drawing Big Bold Scripts Workshop (All Levels)
    Limited to 20 people
    In this half day workshop we will put pencil to paper and tackle type in its thickest forms. Through a variety of drawing exercises,  demonstrations and personal critiques we will work quickly to push beyond your comfort level and dive deep into the darkest
    corners of the weight spectrum. Everyone will leave feeling confident they have the skills to draw bigger and bolder and more  beautiful letterforms then they ever dreamed they could.
Afternoon Workshops - (4 hours: 2:00 PM–6:00 PM)

Beverages will be provided. Lunch will be provided at 1 PM preceding the workshops. Supplies will be provide aside from laptop or iPad, if necessary.

  • SEB LESTER – Curvilinear Flourishing for Italic Calligraphy (Intermediate)
    Limited to 15 people
    The workshop is an intermediate level class with a focus on curvilinear flourishing for italics. Some experience with italic calligraphy is necessary to benefit fully from this class. If you can write words and sentences competently and wish to learn the principles of good flourishing then this is the class for you. The workshop will begin with a look at the origins and evolution of flourishing and demonstrations of various tools. The goal of the workshop will be to produce a name or quote in italic calligraphy with three different approaches to the flourishing, from subtle and restrained to showy and exuberant.
  • DINA RODRIGUEZ – Level Up Your Lettering For Instagram  (All Levels)
    Limited to 20 people
    Finally figure out your artistic voice, audience, and content strategy for Instagram using my handy Level Up Workbook For Artists. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a personalized outline for how to increase your reach, engagement, and followers so you can get more eyes on your lettering and illustration work.
  • ISABEL URBINA PEÑA – Lettering for Editorial (All Levels)
    Limited to 20 people
    When lettering for Editorial Assignments, the biggest challenge is to find a way to support and enhance the text in a very short span of time. In this 4-hour workshop, you will experiment with coming up with a compelling hand-lettered piece to accompany an Op-Ed Article. To get going we will work on analyzing the content and sketching as many different ideas as we can in an hour, from there we will select a piece to develop as a refined sketch, receive feedback on it (and maybe start over) and tweak to final art. This is a fast-paced workshop, that’s meant to keep you on your toes!
  • KYLE LETENDRE – Digitizing Dynamic Letters (Intermediate+)
    Limited to 20 people
    Béziers don’t have to be bullies: let’s demystify the digital space and make you a victor of vectors! This workshop will cover everything you need to make jaw-dropping lettering in Illustrator: from sketching expressive forms on paper; to efficiently setting up your Illustrator files and guides; through Bézier points and how to make them work for you; and juicy styling effects like dimensional shadows, inline and chrome.