Roxy Prima + Phoebe Cornog

Drunk On Lettering Live Show & Breakout Speakers

Together Roxy Prima and Phoebe Cornog run Drunk On Lettering, a podcast where they get drunk and interview lettering idols. They also run Pandr Design Co, a team of girl bosses that paint walls and take names. With their background in design, marketing, and social media, they create a custom murals for businesses. They’re based in Southern California and have worked with brands like Target, Lululemon, Red Bull, Kenneth Cole, the San Diego Padres, and Bumble

Roxy is a San Diego native with a background in branding and graphic design. After going to design school, she craved a more hands on approach to the design process and started drawing lettering by hand. Her unique style and Instagram savviness helped her build a following which lead start her own business with Phoebe. She is passionate about helping her clients build brand awareness and connect with their customers. When she’s not recording episodes of the podcast or painting walls, she’s eating popcorn or traveling to a new city.

Phoebe is originally from Philadelphia and moved to San Diego after graduating college. She began her career in the action sports industry and designed everything from bike helmets to socks. After she met Roxy via Instagram, the two started collaborating and founded Pandr. At Pandr she is known for her intricate letters, funky color palettes, and interesting sense of humor. Phoebe believes that it’s not work if it’s fun, so she strives to input that motto in to all of her client’s projects. Outside of Pandr and Drunk on Lettering, Phoebe likes to try the new restaurants in town (especially if they have oysters) and spend time at the beach.