Craig Winslow

Breakout Speaker

Craig Winslow is an experiential designer with a passion for blending the physical and digital, and a fascination with how we incorporate the past within the future. His creative pursuits focus on creating the ‘never done before’, bringing specialty concepts to life using a mix of new, old, and emerging technologies— aiming to please with playful, clever, and charming experiences. After getting a BS in graphic design and 3D art, he fused his skillsets together working on an industrial design team at JDK Design. Craig left to work independently and has spent the past several years building his own studio and creating interactive work for clients. As Adobe Creative Resident, (2016-2017) he brought to life, Light Capsules, reviving dozens of fading ads & local history across the United States, Canada, and UK. His latest, and largest career project yet, is a permanent experience at The Neon Museum called ‘Brilliant!‘. Some clients include NikeLab, Coca-Cola Consolidated, The Neon Museum, Adobe, Portland Trail BlazersVector Media, and Princeton University.