A boutique conference that assembles hand-letterers to meet, learn together, and celebrate the art of lettering.

2019 Speakers, Panelists, & Workshop Instructors

Ken Barber

Keynote Speaker, Workshop Instructor

Martina Flor

Keynote Speaker, Panelist, Workshop Instructor

Mary Kate McDevitt

Panelist, Workshop Instructor

Stefan Kunz

Breakout Speaker, Workshop Instructor, Panelist

Erik Marinovich

Breakout Speaker, Panelist, Panel Moderator

Craig Winslow

Breakout Speaker

Lauren Hom

Breakout Speaker, Panelist

Victoria Rushton

Breakout Speaker, Workshop Instructor

Adé Hogue

Breakout Speaker, Workshop Instructor

Molly Jacques

Breakout Speaker, Panelist, Workshop Instructor

Jennet Liaw


Eric Friedensohn

Workshop Instructor

Juan Carlos Pagan

Breakout Speaker, Panelist

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Registration opens February 20, 2019.
Conference tickets start at $495. Workshops sold separately.
Limited number of tickets available.

Conference Details

Workshops, Keynotes, Panels

Breakout Talks, Artist Marketplace

Drunk On Lettering Live Show, Fun Activities

Closing Night Party, and More!

June 5–8, 2019
Pre-Conference Workshops: June 5

Main Conference: June 6–7

LetterWest Art Market & Other Activities: June 8

More schedule details below.

Salt Lake City


LetterWest Conference is taking over several venues at The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

Salt Lake City International Airport is fewer than seven miles from the conference venues, and Salt Lake’s light rail system, TRAX, runs from the airport to a stop very close to the conference.

Salt Lake City is nestled against the Wasatch Mountains with dozens of amazing restaurants and a distinct coffee culture. It’s a 30 minute drive to Park City, home of the Sundance Film Festival, and within few hours drive of over 20 national parks and national monuments. Perhaps you could stay a while and explore what the beautiful state of Utah has to offer.


There will be some additions and updates as we get closer.

9 AM – 1:30 PM
Half-day Morning Workshops

4.5 hours + lunch

STEFAN KUNZ – Let’s Talk about Price, Baby!
Limited to 30

ADÉ HOGUE – Getting Hands On with Type!
Limited to 20 people

CRAIG WINSLOW – Augmenting Artworks: Projection Mapping Murals
Limited to 30 people

Lunch + 4.5 hours

MARTINA FLOR – Script Lettering
Limited to 20 people

MOLLY JACQUES – Digital Products for Passive Income
Limited to 20 people

ERIC FRIEDENSOHN – Mural Lettering
Limited to 20 people

7 hours + one hour lunch break

KEN BARBER – Secrets of Hand-Lettering
Limited to 20 people

VICTORIA RUSHTON – Lettering Into Type
Limited to 20 people

MARY KATE MCDEVITT – Lettering Essentials
Limited to 20 people

Workshop Lunch Break
4–7 PM
Conference Check-In
8:00–9:30 AM
Conference Check-In
8:00–9:30 AM
Continental Breakfast
All Day
Coffee & Snacks Available in the Lounge
9:30–9:45 AM
Emcee Welcome
10:00–11:00 AM
Ken Barber: Keynote Talk + Q&A

Martina Flor, Mary Kate McDevitt, TBA

12:30–1:30 PM
Lunch Provided

Select one (the same breakout sessions will be available the following day as well)

Jennet Liaw, Juan Carlos Pagan, TBA
Moderated by Erik Marinovich

Select one (the same breakout sessions will be available the following day as well)

Enjoy dinner around town. We’ll provide you with a map and list of great SLC places.

Roxy, Phoebe, and a surprise guest

7:00–8:00 AM
LetterWest Outdoor Yoga

Taught by lettering artist Réka Juhasz.

Led by lettering artist Adé Hogue.

Conversational pace.

8:00–9:30 AM
Continental Breakfast

Molly Jacques, Lauren Hom, Stefan Kunz

Select one (the same breakout sessions will be available the previous day as well)

Catered Lunch

Details TBA

Select one (the same breakout sessions will be available the previous day as well)

4:30–5:30 PM
Martina Flor: Closing Keynote + Q&A
5:30–5:45 PM
Emcee Thank You & Announcements
5:45–7:00 PM

Come grab a paint marker and decorate some LetterWest venue windows with your lettering.

7:00–8:00 AM
LetterWest Outdoor Yoga

Taught by lettering artist Réka Juhasz.

8:00–9:30 AM
Continental Breakfast

We’ll be doing a call for vendor applications in March.

Marketplace to purchase hand-lettered goods from your peers in the lettering/design community.

This makers market will be open to the public.

Come letter together before saying goodbye! Decorate your notebooks and all your friends’ notebooks with lettering. We’ll have tables set up and a bunch of markers, pens, and stickers for you to use.


Partner hotel details coming soon!

LetterWest Conference Workshops

Workshops are not included with general conference registration. All workshops need to be purchased separately.

Workshops will all take place at various venues at The Gateway in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, June 5, 2019.

Lunch will be provided for all workshops as well as supplies, except if a laptop or iPad are needed.

1/2-Day Morning Workshops - $195

9:00 AM–1:30 PM. Lunch will be provided following the workshops.

STEFAN KUNZ – Let’s Talk about Price, Baby!
Limited to 30
Whether you are making a little hustle on the side or depend fully on your business, this workshop will help you put your mind at ease on how to effectively price better and feel more confident with how you price. Additionally, we’ll look at how you can develop your business strategy.

MARTINA FLOR – Script Lettering
Limited to 20 people
In this hands-on intensive workshop, you will drive the process of drawing and refining custom script lettering.

In this 4-hour session, you will be introduced to effective techniques to create cursive lettering from scratch, with essential insights to deal with flourishes and composition.

It is ideal for beginners as well as advanced letterers who want to improve their technique to draw cursive letter shapes and master flourishing. You will walk away from this workshop with a sharper eye for working with typography and practical tools to improve your own creative work.

What you’ll learn: You’ll get practical techniques to create script hand lettering with flourishes and insights for the continuation of your own practice after attending this workshop.

ADÉ HOGUE – Getting Hands On with Type!
Limited to 20 people
In this hands-on workshop, attendees will work with Adé to concept, style and shoot their very own tactile lettering piece. Each student will start by detailing sketches for a single word to be created out of a material of their choice. Students will learn best practices for proper framing, building letterforms and capturing a final image with a camera and lighting setup that will be provided.

In addition to learning how to use and manipulate various materials, attendees will also learn basic editing tips using Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC.

Prior lettering experience is preferred, but not required.

1/2-Day Afternoon Workshops - $195

2:00 PM–6:30. Lunch will be provided at 1 PM preceding the workshops.

MOLLY JACQUES – Digital Products for Passive Income
Limited to 20 people

This workshop is all about creating digital products to produce passive income!

In this workshop, attendees will work with Molly to research their target demographic, brainstorm product ideas that fall in line with their passions and talents, and layout a product launch plan.

Each student will start by following along with Molly as she lays out her process for gauging the interest of clients to produce digital products that will SELL. Students will explore the “sweet spot” between what they WANT to create and what their target customers actually want to buy.

Moreover, Molly will share her method for building out products along with a brief introduction into setting up a Creative Market Shop for ecommerce marketplace selling. Lastly, Molly will share a few insights into earning passive income as a lettering artist WITHOUT having to create any products! Hint: community over competition.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Laptop or iPad Pro

CRAIG WINSLOW – Augmenting Artworks: Projection Mapping Murals
Limited to 30 people
Details coming soon.

ERIC FRIEDENSOHN – Mural Lettering
Limited to 20 people

Join Eric (AKA Efdot) for a special workshop designed to teach you how to transform your lettering designs into large-scale murals.

Through this 4.5-hour workshop, you will learn Eric’s streamlined process for sketching, refining, scaling, transferring and painting murals. Each participant will create their own mural design (on paper) and practice various hands-on techniques for applying a design to the wall. The workshop will end with a Q&A Session where Eric will answer questions and cover topics such as getting freelance mural projects, pricing, commissions and client negotiation.

(Optional: Bring your own iPad for wall mockups)

Full-Day Workshops Workshops - $325

9:00 AM–1:00 PM & 2:00–5:00 PM. Lunch will be provided at 1 PM.

KEN BARBER – Secrets of Hand-Lettering
Limited to 20 people
Here’s your chance to unlock the secrets for producing truly distinctive and engaging hand-lettering. With over 25 years of experience in the field, Ken will share his personal methods for making one-of-a-kind headlines, logos, and wordmarks. Develop marketable creative skills as you learn to draw custom letters for a variety of individual and professional applications.

This information-packed workshop will kick off with an overview of the fundamentals that govern the creation of well-balanced letterforms. Next, attendees will learn how to modify various features to add personality to their own hand-lettering. In addition to acquiring useful sketching and layout techniques, students will explore the mysterious factors that make for uniquely alluring and successful pieces. Detailed slide presentations, hands-on demonstrations, skill-building exercises, and one-on-one feedback will provide further guidance as students attain the secrets of hand-lettering.

VICTORIA RUSHTON – Lettering Into Type
Limited to 20 people
Jump into making a typeface based on lettering! You’ll learn the considerations that go into choosing what lettering to make into type, and the basics of drawing and spacing a typeface. Students can expect to get through a handful or two of glyphs during the workshop, but will leave knowing the process of how to proceed with their design, and with a taste of the unique thrill of their own letters appearing as they type.

• 3-5 varied lettering samples to choose from, both printed and high res or vector files. Please only include your own or historical (50+ years old) samples, not other people’s contemporary work
• Mac laptop with a trial version of Robofont installed

Some vector drawing experience necessary.

MARY KATE MCDEVITT – Lettering Essentials
Limited to 20 people
Mary Kate McDevitt’s lettering workshop will focus on the basics of lettering, composing strong layouts, and adding those extra touches and details to your lettering to make it uniquely you. The first half of our workshop we will cover the basics and learn tips and tricks through warm-ups and sketching exercises. The second half of the workshop we’ll cover the process of working with a brief, ideation and brainstorming, then sketching and refining a sketch that is ready to present to a client. Throughout the workshop I will offer personal feedback and we’ll end the workshop with a group critique.


How many spots are available?

LetterWest Conference is limited to 400 spots.

Should I attend the retreat or the conference?

We’ll be announcing the retreat presenters and the retreat schedule before conference registration opens, so that you can choose what you think will be the best option for you. The retreat registration won’t open until sometime in the middle or end of March.

Both events will be amazing, and below are some key differences: 

The conference offers opportunities to learn from and be inspired by more leaders in the lettering community on a wider variety of subjects as well as being able to be surrounded by many more peers in the industry. Attendees can be complete beginners or professionals who are advanced in their careers.

The retreat offers an intimacy and closeness that’s not possible at the conference. Almost everyone is staying together at the same large rental property, doing all the scheduled events together. There’s more one-on-one time and much fewer people in attendance, giving you the opportunity to forge close friendships with attendees and presenters alike. Most attendees have a lot of previous lettering experience.

Will you be announcing the full schedule and prices before February 20?

Yes. We’ll provide you with all of this information well before registration opens.

Can hobbyists and beginners attend?

Of course! While the LetterWest Retreat caters more to intermediate and advanced lettering artists, LetterWest Conference will have plenty of curriculum for beginning letterers.

What if I need a refund?

All ticket sales are final, but if you need to cancel your registration before May 15, 2019, you can transfer your ticket to someone else. There is a waitlist, so please email becca@letterwest.com so we can transfer the attendee information. You will handle the money transfer personally.

Is the event already sold out?

No, registration opens February 20 at 10 AM MST.

What airport should I fly into?

Salt Lake City International Airport is less than seven miles from The Gateway. Ridesharing or public transportation (TRAX) is available from the airport with a stop very close to The Gateway.


About LetterWest

Becca Clason

In 2015 I signed up for a two-day freehand lettering workshop in New York City taught by Ken Barber, and I invited my Instagram friend Lauren Hom to join me, which she did. We hadn’t met in person beforehand, and we had a lot of fun learning, lettering, and dining together, and becoming lettering friends in real life.

In 2016 I wanted to expand upon this experience and had the idea to create lettering retreats, because nothing like it existed for letterers. Design or creative conferences and retreats usually lump lettering in with several other creative fields, and I wanted to do something different. I created the first LetterWest Retreat in 2017 as a three-day, 35-person getaway with industry leaders as speakers, workshop instructors, and panelists as well as a some outdoor activities. Attendees and presenters alike loved the experience—in 2017 and 2018, they sold out within minutes each year.

The intimate size made the retreat experiences something magical, and I love the small, personal size of the retreats. However, after talking with more people in the lettering community, I realized that more quality events created specifically for them, during which they can be together in the same physical space. I wanted to make a LetterWest event that was more inclusive to more people, more financially accessible than the retreat and welcomed all skill levels, while bringing letterers together in a very meaningful way. So for 2019, I’ve expanded the brand of LetterWest to be both a large lettering conference and a small retreat.

My hope is that LetterWest can help to build up the community of letterers around the world by creating opportunities that help them achieve their career goals and love lettering even more.


Becca Clason, LetterWest Founder


Email becca@letterwest.com or use the contact form.